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Metalcorp Logistics Team Achieve 5 Star Rating!

We are proud to advise our customers that the latest results of Land Transport's Operator Rating Scheme (ORS) has placed Metalcorp NZ Ltd with a provisional 5 Star Rating -and that's no small feat!

The ORS is used by Land Transport to rate companies on their safety record for their fleet. Ratings are given for passing roadside inspections, COF's and for maintaining a clean driving record (i.e. not having incidents on road) among other things.

The fleet of trucks we run at Metalcorp NZ Ltd are not the newest ones on the road, but as our 5 Star rating shows they are well cared for. Our drivers work hard to ensure their trucks are safe every time they hit the road and we run a comprehensive maintenance system that ensures our trucks are serviced and tended to regularly.

Our driver's take pride in what they do and have worked hard to achieve this rating by ensuring they meet all of their legal obligations every time they get behind the wheel, and we'd like to thank them for a stellar effort.

Being a scrap metal collection driver isn't the most glamorous role in the world, so it's great for their professionalism to be recognised in this way.

Well done guys!

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