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In Yard


Many of our customers opt to bring their metals directly into one of our branches, where they are weighed and unloaded for you by one of our friendly staff. Our yards are fully equipped with electronic and certified scales, as well as excavators and forklifts to ensure quick and effortless unloading. Customers who present photo identification can be paid out in cash for their metals on the spot, and we even have a complementary lolly jar to help keep children of all ages happy while you wait!


Collection & Bin Services


We offer a wide range of bins for both domestic and commercial use, whether it is for a one off collection or a regular service. Generally there is no charge for placement of our bins, however please contact our office if you are interested in a bin service so that we can discuss your needs with you.


For larger collections, such as farm and commercial sites, we operate a fleet of trucks which are equipped with hiab cranes. This enables us to uplift and transport large items of scrap, providing a unique and convenient service for our customers.

Plant Decommissioning


We have a vast range of specialized and mobile equipment available for large scale demolition jobs, and for larger scale jobs where sizable or complicated items require removal. Our staff have an array of experience with plant decommissioning, and some of our major projects in the past have included:


Demolition of Telecom’s Loburn satellite dish (achieved in 9hrs!)
Demolition of second story level of the processing plant as part of their major redevelopment.
Demolition of Acid Plant and site clearance to ground level.
Hornby Mall:
Demolition of southern buildings for mall redevelopment.
Earnest Adams & Oldfields:
Demolition of factory sites following major fires.


In fact our expertise in this field has lead to long term relationships being established with a number of demolition companies, who regularly sub contract our services to assist with the demolition of structures that involve a large amount of scrap metal. We are also regularly called upon by the fire service who use our experience and equipment to assist in containing large scale fires (e.g. Earnest Adams factory fire on the 4th February 2000).

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